About the Project

Opportunity Works is proud to announce the construction of a brand new, state of the art, 37,000 sq. ft. facility designed for the caring of those with developmental and acquired disabilities. The new facility will be located on Kenoza Street adjacent to the NECC Campus. It will consist of two levels, both with ground level access and a communicating elevator. The upper level is where the main focus of the program will be taking place; the lower will be available for rental or future expansion. The Board of Directors formed an expansion committee, which later formed into a construction committee when NECC informed us of the availability of this parcel of land.

Haverhill construction siteThe committee is proud to be partnered with TMS Architects of Portsmouth in designing and executing the construction of our expansion. Within the process hundreds of hours were spent examining the needs of the people that the building would be servicing. Many professionals were consulted on every facet of the facility. Architects, construction specialist, administrative staff, hands on staff, clinical therapists, state officials, etc. What this has provided is, what we believe, is welcoming and user friendly environment for those that we serve. When we say that so much when into the design we would like to list a few;

  • Accessibility first and above all
  • Simplistic layout of program rooms and administration
  • Large bathrooms
  • Specialty rooms for those more individual attention
  • Color selection is not only attractive and calming it was specifically chosen with the help of the clinical therapist to relate to specific conditions.
  • Color is also use as a directional tool for location within the building and corridors
  • Higher than required insulation and high efficient windows
  • State of the art LED lighting with dimmable controls for specific needs
  • High efficiency HVAC with individual room controls and energy management system
  • Open green space on property for recreation and just across from NECC and Kenoza Lake for more activity space
  • Ample parking
  • And so on………

We invite you to view the Main Floor, Lower Level, and Elevations. You will see how simple and elegant this facility will be. We invite you to visit here for progress photos, updates, and more. Throughout the process we look forward to providing you with updates and information to both the capital campaign and the construction progress. Thank you for your support and hope to see you at the Grand opening.

Opportunity Works Building Committee